Review: April 2016

Little words, many photos, much feelings.

The last weeks and even months where a pretty tough and sometimes hard time for me. There were some personal challenges, goals but also losses for me. On a personal basis. So it comes, that I couldn’t post any of the work-intense articles in this time: no „Get inspired by Art“, no „Hands on’s“ and no „Special Sundays“.

But time doesn’t stand still. I’ve come across a lot of stunning artists and projects which I want to introduce to you in this blog. And I had the chance for testing new gear. For example an portable SSD-Image-Save-Phowerbank-Thingy, the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-E2s, the newest SP-Models by Tamron and the optical monster-baby Otus 28 by Zeiss. As always I tried them out and made some photos with it (except for the SSD, on that I stored them ^^) and want to share my thoughts with you in the coming weeks.

Also there were some new shootings together with @schoefferarts. Everyone who follows me or her at instagram has noticed it. So there’ll be more new stuff here on in the future. But let’s have a look on what I’ve posted the last month:


In fact, there only where pictures out of my photography-projects. But a lot of them. I planned and prepared the most of them some time ago and noticed, that there’s a lot of images still unseen. Who doesn’t know it: I post my images chronologically but there’s so much stuff that it’s difficult to catch up at last. So I’ve decided to post some of my series completely in one article, not like „one image out of the series per week“.

That’s why there’s an „overload“ in the projects-section but it’s also a good way to someday post really current work.

snapshots of this month:

Although I was not very talkative here in the blog, I’ve posted some stuff on instagram and twitter most of the time. For all of them who don’t want to follow over there, here are the snapshots from #snapshotsaturday on this blog and more pics from instagram:


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