Review: february 2016

Do you speak english?

I know, you do. At least some of you. And I think, you are more than I would think of.

Usually I’m writing here on german. Because it’s my mother tongue, most of my readers are german and it’s the language in which I can express myself and my work the best. But despite of this, there are many readers and followers of who speak and read english. Mostly they’re enjoying my work which fortunately doesn’t need many words. Others are interested in what I write.

So they’re translating my articles via google translate or something else for a better understanding. Well, all of us know, how good google translations really is… :)

So I thought: How to give the english-readers some unique content in their own language? On twitter and instagram I always write english. But on Here, still most of my visitors are germans, so I want to continue to write on german. I thought about publishing in two languages: the same article on german and english at the same time. But I don’t like the cluttering and truly… I’ve got not enough time for that. :(

Then I came up to monthly reviews like this one.

I’m writing them for about two years or something for all of the ones who doesn’t want (or can’t) keep up to date every day and check this blog. If they want to have an overview over the past month on or want to check if they’ve missed something: they can take a look into articles like this one.

In summary: If I want to present some content on english, what would be better to do it like a monthly review? Readers can get an overview, a short description and I don’t have to change my daily articles.

The review on february – btw. some days too late – is the first one of this kind.
You’re already reading it.

I’m trying this as a test-balloon-thingy. Just to check if anyone out there needs, wants or appreciates this. There’s no guarantee, I’m doing this the next 20 years although no one cares. So give some feedback, if you like it or hate it and don’t forget: you can comment/ask/criticize under every article on english. I’ll do my best and answer to you. :)

For now: let’s see what’s happening on the last month:



Hands on’s:

Videos of the week:

snapshots of this month:

Snapshots from #snapshotsaturday on this blog and more pics from instagram:


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3 Gedanken zu “Review: february 2016

  1. Are you competing with Google translations? In my experience they’re getting better every day while my English is not improving in the same speed. For instance, I put your sentence

    „So they’re translating my articles via google translate or something else for a better understanding. Well, all of us know, how good google translations really is… :)“

    into Google translations to transform it back to German. Went not too bad.

    If you’d wrote i.e.

    „So they using google translations or something else for a better comprehension. Well, we all know how good google translations really are… :)“

    you get back

    „So verwenden sie Google Übersetzungen oder etwas anderes für ein besseres Verständnis. Nun, wir alle wissen, wie gut Google Übersetzungen wirklich sind … :)“ Maybe it’s only me, but it’s not that bad.

    As German native speaker, I comprehend what you were about to say. But is your English up to Google standards? Would any translator make a living out of his job if it would be that easy? Question is, how you will transform your German style and language into English? Which English? American, Britisch, Simplified, Asian… English is spoken by a couple of billions of people. Eevn if the whole world would start to speak and understand English, we’d still have t deal with misunderstandings – and the rest of us, to bring the subject back to this blog, would have to miss your personal German style. I’m no nationalist, but I really like the German language not less than the English and am grateful to speak both within my limits.

    1. Hi!

      Yaaarrrr, of course, there has to be someone who’s digging into this aspect and finds good arguments. :)

      you wrote:
      „In my experience they’re getting better every day while my English is not improving in the same speed.“
      yep. definitely. This also applies to me because I just can’t learn as fast as a machine. ^^

      You’r example is very good – no question. And later you come to the important point… usually, I’m writing on german. In my style, in my language, with my vocabularity and – important – with my „linguistic images“. Metaphors and so on.
      This is very difficult for a translation bot. He has to understand, that if something is solid as a rock, it isn’t a very hard rock, but something that’s nearly unbreakable. But the bot will translate this (so far) as a very hard rock.

      I think re-translating my article above is not the best example. Because I’m sadly not a very good or fluent english speaker and so my english is very simple with a few amount of words, a simple grammar and a rare use of figurative language. Of course, that’s easy to translate for google. :)

      But I use it because I can’t do it better and want to reach a maximum of understanding in this way. As you said: Any difference to another kind of english is problematic. Even for a english-speaker.

      thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Gern geschehen, Mario. Mein Kommentar ging erstaunlicherweise auch bei lediglich meinem Namen in der E-Mail Zeile in Publikation, ich hatte gar nicht die Absicht, anonym zu schreiben, sorry.

    Es gibt ja nicht gerade wenige gute englischsprachige Foto-Blogs mit zum Teil witzigen, individuellen und knackigen Texten. In Deutsch sind die eher Mangelware, oder ich hab sie einfach noch nicht gefunden. Ich weiss auch nicht mehr, was mich ursprünglich in Deinen Blog wehte. Ich glaube, das war Dein Bericht zum Sigma 150-600, bin aber nicht so sicher. Das war einer der ersten guten deutschsprachigen, der wahrscheinlich oft verlinkt wurde.

    „Schuster, bleib bei Deinen Leisten“? Auf keinen Fall, aber eine Einteilung Deiner Kapazitäten ist sicher ein Anliegen für Dich. Ich lese Dich gern auf Deutsch, ich lese auf Englisch ebenfalls gern, aber eigentlich am liebsten native speakers. Und natürlich bin ich befangen, weil ich auch oft deutsche oder Schweizer Manager mit einem English höre, das einem die Fremdschamröte auf den Backen leuchten lässt. Wie Google das so nett mit:
    „And of course I ‚m biased because I often German or Swiss Manager hear with English , which leaves a glow on the cheeks the Fremdschamröte“

    Exactomundo, isn’t it?

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