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to my english speaking readers: howdy!

1420234524474In the last weeks and months, I got some more followers who’re reading, writing or speaking on english. Every follower is an honor to me, but those who’re following me despite the fact that they (maybe?) can’t understand a word of what I’m writing is …. crazy and a even greater honor. ^^

There’re some hardcore-curious, who go through the google-translation of my articles. I deeply hope, that the result is far away from the strange experience of a reverse-played Jimi Hendrix-Song. :)

read on german, ask on english…

The content, I present on mworkz.net is mainly „arty“. It’s art in moving and still images. I think, most of them can be unexplained and still works. Mostly I though write some lines to it. On the other side, there’s much „educational“ and experience-driven content: Hints and tipps for image-editing, workflow-organization and style-analysis. Understanding photography and camera-technology. Hands-on’s.

These are the articles which cost some time and work. In which I want to clear things out. In which I want to get understood. That’s the reason, why I’ll continue to write them on german, my mother tongue.

But feel free to comment on english or ask something, which you want to get explained, when google translate just wants to sell you some fish on a sand-less beach or something. :)

… or follow me on social media

Mainly I’m around on google+ and twitter and I publish my work on some other networks. And mainly I’m writing there on english. So if you got any questions or requests, feel free to get me there.

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The week on mworkz.net

If there’re no world-breaking cataclysms, there’s a loose sequence of themes, I blog within a week. To get you an overview:

  • #movingmonday: Every monday, I show you a „video of the week“ which I found and want to share with you.
  • #ArtOnTuesday: On tuesday, I present a piece out of my work. Mostly, it’s digital art or from more complex shootings.
  • #HandsOnWednesday: When I got the chance, I try out new cameras, lenses or sometimes even smartphones. And on wednesday I report you my experiences. No tests to get to the ground of the new stuff but a kind of „look and feel“ with some pictures.
  • #PhotographyThursday: More of my work. with a focus on photography. On thursday I present photo-series or single projects.
  • #FreeFlowFriday: Actually I save the friday articles for changing themes. Or for nothing. :) But since several months it’s the place for my “Get inspired by Art (GibA)”-articles where I present talented photo-artists and their work.
  • #SnapshotSaturday: To keep boredom away, on saturday I post a snapshot out of my portfolio. Nothing special, just a glimpse and similar stuff I post on google+ and instagram.
  • #SpecialSunday: On Sunday, you’ll get special articles on mworkz.net. They are mostly with an educational character and tell you stuff about learning and understanding photography. Once in a month, I post a review of the last month to get an overview for those, who don’t want to check back daily on this blog.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


3 Gedanken zu “feel free to ask and comment

  1. I love your photograph titled, „Confidence“ on deviantart.com. I would like to see if you are willing to allow me to use it as the background image on the cover of one of my books (it’s a 7-book series that I’m looking to re-release with a new publisher). If you would be willing to allow this, please contact me so we can work out the fees, the details, and how you want the credits listed in the book.

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